Our community is coming together to get your campgrounds ready for the party! Late yesterday afternoon the Night in the Country festival grounds were hit with a weather system which covered some of the campsites in Club 149, Quiet, and Southern Silent in water. And our friends and neighbors jumped right into action! Peri & Sons Farms has been working non-stop bringing scrapers and truckload after truckload of sand to the campgrounds to mitigate the water. Tri-Cities Equipment has been working around the clock moving water and dirt. And many of our volunteers were up all night going above and beyond to get those campsites dry. We are so grateful for our NITCNV community. Thank you! Thank you! 

If y’all are coming for Early Camp Check-In and you have a spot in Club 149, Quiet, or Southern Silent, we’d appreciate it if you’d come a little later this afternoon to let the work continue and let the land dry. Some weather is no match for our community. And it won’t stop this party! 


Attention Club 149, Quiet, and Southern Silent campers! We had a weather system hit the Night in the Country Nevada venue late this afternoon. Some of your campsites are covered in water. We are doing our best to syphon the water out, but please be prepared for muddy conditions. If you have Early Camp Check-In, we’d appreciate it if you arrived later in the afternoon on Wednesday, July 19th to give the land time to dry. You will have the option to move your campsite to the Northern Party Zone once you arrive at the festival. If you choose to move, one of our on-site volunteers will be happy to assist you. Some weather isn’t going to stop this party!