JULY 25 - 27, 2024

Away from the big city lights, the Night in the Country experience transforms the quiet farming town of Yerington, Nevada into a country music destination.









NEW IN 2023!


You sunk my battleship! Human Battleship is a free to play festival experience that puts you inside the classic board game for beer bombs and body shots! Teams of 6 battle it out on a large playing grid launching water and beer bombs over the barrier at the opposing team. This professionally run tournament includes one free beer (or water) for every player for every game!  You will have to hold a beverage the entire time. You will get wet. You will want to watch out for the Mega Beer Bomb. The champions will win trophies and be celebrated on the Toyota Main Stage!

Human Battleship is your NEW experience inside the High Noon Saloon, THE daytime party destination at Night in the Country Nevada.

Teams sign-up at the festival. The tournament is first-come, first-served.

*Must be 21 or older to participate in Human Battleship

*Must have a General Admission Pass or above to participate in the Human Battleship



  • Max 16 Teams - first come, first served
  • Teams of 6 - 5 Ships and a Thrower
  • Throwing rotation based on volleyball rules
  • 2 to 3 game guarantee
  • Round robin tournament format
  • Accumulate points by sinking opposing team Ships
  • 15 minute game times
  • One free beer per player per game (or water, if preferred)
  • A party-like atmosphere



  • Before the game starts, each team secretly places 5 lounge chairs on the playing grid for their Ships to sit in
  • Each Ship takes up 2 squares on the playing grid
  • Ships must be placed horizontally or vertically on the playing grid - not diagonally
  • You cannot change the position of the Ships after the game begins
  • All players must hold a beverage during the game
  • Teams receive 2 types of bombs - water bombs and one Mega Beer Bomb
  • The water bombs are good for a hit on one square on the playing grid
  • The Mega Beer Bomb is good for a hit on a three square radius on the playing grid
  • Teams take turns firing bombs over the barrier to try to hit the opponent’s Ships
  • Shots will be marked as hit or miss on the target grid by the referees
  • When a Ship has been hit twice, that player is out of the game
  • A revive bucket will be placed on each side of the playing grid. If a team hits it, they can bring back one of their Ships and place it on new squares